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Invite Friend

Invite and add your friends. You can either invite them using their email or their mobile number. You can only use contricenter among your friends

settle expenditure

You can settle the payments you have made/received with your freinds and it will be adjusted accordingly

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Add Expenditure

Whenever you pay a bill or make a payment with your friends, just add it here with the friends and the bill will be split equally. Tension Free!!

Send Reminder

If you feel like you have a long dues with your friend you can send them a friendly reminder of the dues :)

How   IT works

Contricenter is a very easy to use app. It helps you to keep track of your expenses among your friends and saves you from that awkward feeling on asking them to settle the bills. It keeps track of overall expenses with your friend. Its very easy to use.

Contricenter quick steps

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You need to create a account with contricenter in order to use it. You can either register using your email ID or your Mobile number

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Set up your profile

Fill in your profile Details. So that your friends can find and add you.

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Add/Invite your friends

Invite and add your friends on contricenter so that you can keep track of bills with them

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Add Expenditure

Add any payment you made and add the people who were with you in the expense. The bill will be splitted equally among the friends

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Check Buddy Balance

Check what friends owe to you or what you owe to your friends

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Send reminder and settle expenses

Send reminder to your friends for dues and settle any payments made by you

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Keep Track

Keep track of all the events by having them at one place and search find any events you want to look.

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Download the Contricenter app on your apple of Android device and start using now!!!

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